I’ve been waiting quite long to post this, a bit cause I wanted to wait for the zine to be published and a bit cause I moved house and I have NO internet

btww I did this illustration for the zine GIRL GLUE by Mel Stringer, to know more and buy CLICK HERE!! AvA

I’m very happy to be part of the 1st issue and even more honored to be on the cover!!

this drawing in particular is inspired by ok, girls in general ,but quite a few details are inspired by my teenage self ( better known as the bionic woman ), with braces and corset for scoliosis.

No I’ve never had a beautiful french bulldog btw.

Well, no details zoom this time, just have fun finding everything! A v A

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i know you’re living in my mind

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i believe in you, shinji-kun.

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No stars got nothing on me, your sun’s got nothing on me.

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nnice lovely style snk


candy bear sweetie pie, wanna be adored

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hey there eren snk jeeeee


Long post with lots of spoiler-ridden rambling about No. 6 ahoy.

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ok Im crying man it's like this dormant thing that appears and BAM feels amd shot just like the first time reading god this characters just love them no.6

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break it down like the fourth wall

deaded fuckgn rin love u rinrin makoto haru chan

Number 1: The best friend who you’re real close to. You see them at least twice a week, maybe more. You talk a lot and catch up on everything.

 Number 2: The best friend you don’t talk to as often, but deep down, you’ll always know that they’re your best friend. They understand you, although they barely see you.

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